January 28, 2013


It's nice to hear that you inspire someone. So this holiday card, custom created for my client, must have put a lot of smiles on faces this season.  Digital flat printing combined with a hand stamped and embossed motif in gold, really completed the look.

Inspired1 Inspired3


January 22, 2013

Happy New Year!

Each year I have to think of something new for my holiday card. This stamped and embossed hummingbird idea just kind of came to me. Coupled with a vintage floral engraving and a fresh font, I like the way it all came together.

Rh2012a Rh2012b

January 15, 2013

Business Card Update

My client, who owns a head hunting agency, recently updated her website and wanted new business cards to match.  Here are the new cards printed in a vibrant shade of coral.  Fresh and new and ready for spring!

Lauralaser2   Lasercoral

January 08, 2013

Art Nouveau Invitation Suite

My neighbour was graciously hosting a "sweet" 60th party for her best friend and needed an Art Nouveau inspired invitation suite. Time was short so we opted for flat printing.  Looks beautiful nonetheless.

Artnouveau1 Artnouveau2

January 19, 2012

Happy New Year

It's bright and sunny at my letterpress studio in Santa Monica but it's never too late to celebrate the New Year. I tried a new technique with this card, using a heat set embossing process and flat printing to create this look. I'm pretty happy with the result.




August 30, 2011

Pop-Up Birthday Card

I don't only do letterpress.

So for my husband's birthday, I broke out the die cutter and whipped together this cute little pop-up birthday card. He liked it so much he told me to put it up on my site.

Here it is.



April 30, 2011

Wedding Programmes

I have been in a whirwind of letterpress printing and I feel like I am just coming up for air and the weather seems to agree with me. The sun is finally shining in Santa Monica and it looks like spring has arrived.


I have been meaning to post these pictures of the wedding proframme I did for a while. This programme is meant to coordinate with the Chandeliers wedding invitation from my website. They chose to go with a digital print for this one, but it looks beautiful nonetheless.

Chandelierprogram Chandelierprogram1

July 25, 2010

More Alice in Wonderland

In addition to the invitations, the lovely women who organized the fabulous Alice in Wonderland baby shower also asked me to create this poster for the entrance. It was digitally printed on 24x36 watercolour paper.

Alicescroll1 Alicescroll2

Surprise Baby Shower

A client came to me to create an Alice in Wonderland themed invitation for a surprise baby shower. She wrote a rhymed verse for the invite and wanted to include an illustration of the white rabbit. She also wanted the look and feel of the invitation to reflect that of an old scroll because she will be delivering each invite to her guests in a glass bottle. What a great idea! Time was of the essence so we opted for a digital print on this one. We used a pale lavender, marbled paper stock with a beautiful deckled edge on the bottom. Here's how it turned out...

Aliceinvite2 Aliceinvite1

July 14, 2010

Silver on Black Business Cards

My client owns a head hunting agency and with a last name like Laser, she wanted to capitalize on her name. She chose silver on black as her colour scheme and she asked me to design a clean looking business card, using her existing logo. Voila!

Lauralaser2  Lauralaser1